Don’t Miss Out On Your Chance To Ride The Largest Portable Ferris Wheel In The Country!

If you missed your chance to ride the SkyStar while it was in Louisville, you’re in luck.

The 155-foot Island Wheel has temporarily taken up residence at The Banks, giving riders a picture-perfect 360-degree view of the Ohio Riverfront.

The Ferris wheel, which was previously located in Louisville, Kentucky is moving just steps from Current at the Banks. It features 36 climate controlled, six-person gondolas that make about 3 rotations per ride and lasting around 12 minutes. (You must be at least 42 inches tall to ride alone and at least 32 inches tall to ride with an adult.)

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The Village Green SkyStar is open to the public, and yet another reason to head to The Banks, where you’ll find some of Cincinnati’s most popular dining, shopping, and entertainment hot spots.

Bringing the Village Green SkyStar to the neighborhood is a huge undertaking, considering it has to be transported on 12 semi-trailers and takes four days to build. Not to mention that it’s powered by six miles of electrical cable and adorned with 1,000,000 LED lights.

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